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Our philosophy: to help you get more out of your rescue engine, truck or other technical rescue component. We have been developing this since 2009; the result is a modular system that can be used on its own or in combination.

All modules are based on a 4 hour timeframe, or a multiple thereof. In other words, it can be accomodated in morning, afternoon or evening sessions.

Current courses are:

Modul Beschreibung
R in Rescue Technical Rescue using simple means on a rescue engine: lifting and shifting loads, working with airbags, torfor winches, rope etc.
BagTime Basic work, tips and tricks with airbags
Big Lift, Bus Lift Fast, efficient and secure lifting of trucks (underrides) and bus on the side
Trench Rescue Trench Rescue operations to rescue buried persons
Machine accidents* Rescue from machine accidents such as limb entrapment and impalements
Thermal cutting* Thermal cutting using plasma and flame cutters
Basic Shoring Ops* Simple Shoring ops for first due units
Technical Search* Location of buried victims using technical search equipment
Forcible entry Forcible entry using Halligan tool

*new or in development

We also offer bespoke projects, depending on clients‘ resources and priorities. in any case, we look forward to hearing from you!

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